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house for sale in Neusalza-Spremberg, Germany

287 000€

02742 Neusalza-Spremberg


    Property description

    Property Description For a buyer perspective, this property description highlights a freestanding, single-family home with one floor and a loft, offering a living space of 145 square meters, and a garden. The house was built approximately in the year 2005 and features a gas-fired central heating system with an average maintenance level. The property is listed for 287.000€, though the estimated market value is slightly lower at 287.000,00 EUR, allowing you to secure a 30% discount and pay only 200.900,00 EUR, accounting for notary costs and broker commission. This property is listed under the local court, and contact details are provided for further inquiries during appropriate business hours. The property is also featured in the current, monthly edition of the immobilienversteigerungs catalog. Investment and Lifestyle Perspective: For a real estate investment perspective, the property's current market value and the estimated auction price present a good deal, with the potential for a profit margin. However, the prospective buyer should consider consulting with a local real estate agent to confirm the market value and ensure there are no other similar properties in the area with lower asking prices. For the lifestyle perspective, buying this property would offer a great opportunity to live in a spacious and well-maintained home with ample space for a family. The garden could be ideal for outdoor activities or leisure time, and the central heating system would provide year-round comfort. The property's location in Neusalza-Spremberg, while information is limited, might offer good access to local amenities and services. Investing in this property could also result in future rental income, but it would be prudent to study the local rental market, tenant demand, and future growth potential to make a well-informed investment decision.


    02742 Neusalza-Spremberg

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