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house for sale in Monchengladbach, Germany

215 000€

41065 Mönchengladbach


    Property description

    From a buyer's perspective, this property is a three-story, multi-family house with seven residential units, including four one-room and three two-room apartments. It has a total living area of 243.97 square meters, with individual apartment sizes ranging from 32 to 51 square meters. The property was built in 1953 with an outfitted attic added in 1978, and it sits on a piece of land with additional structures that lack the necessary permits. The condition of these additional structures is below average, and an interior inspection was not possible. The property is located in Mönchengladbach, with the listed price at 215,000 Euros (approximately 253,000 USD). The listing suggests that if you secure a 30% discount on the market value and accounting for notary fees and broker commission, you can purchase the property for 150,500 Euros (around 185,000 USD). The listing also mentions that the property will be auctioned by the local court. As an investment, this property may not be the most attractive due to its age and its legal issues involving the unpermitted additional structures on the land. Additionally, the interior condition is unknown. However, for a lifestyle purchase, the property could offer a decent living space for the buyer, given its multiple apartments and the potential for renovation. In conclusion, if you have a keen eye for renovation opportunities and are willing to invest time and money into the property, this could be a good lifestyle purchase. However, it's not an ideal investment due to legal and financial risks associated with the additional structures. For more information, contact the provided phone number or explore other options in the given catalog.


    41065 Mönchengladbach

    Date added: 24.07.2024

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