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house for sale in Heiligenhaus, Germany

795 000€

42579 Heiligenhaus


  • Bad Dusche, Wanne, Fenster
  • Boden Fliesen, Laminat

Property description

From a buyer's perspective, this property is a fantastic opportunity for a real estate investment and a great lifestyle purchase. The property features 7 fully rented apartments, offering a total rentable area of 480 m². The combination of two-room apartments per floor provides consistent and reliable income, contributing to stable cash flow for an investor. The property's age suggests that it has already undergone significant renovations and improvements, given that the conversion of the attic into a large, single unit has already taken place. The modernization of bathrooms and interior spaces means that the property is in good condition and should require few immediate additional investments. The already converted basement, which includes storage areas and a communal laundry room, provides extra functionality and convenience for tenants. The presence of a dedicated workshop or office space demonstrates that the property has a practical layout, which can cater to a variety of tenant needs. The property is well-maintained, which is evident from the first impression of the welcoming staircase. The similar floor plans of the two-room apartments are beneficial for both tenants, who can adapt the space to their preferences, and investors, who can rely on consistent rents from similar units. The property's under-building and available parking spaces make it even more appealing as it includes storage and washroom facilities, which can be shared among tenants, further adding to the property's overall value proposition. Overall, this property presents a great opportunity for both real estate investors seeking consistent income and those looking for a comfortable lifestyle purchase. The competitive pricing reflects the combined benefits of the location, property features, and the property's potential to provide a high rental yield and excellent capital appreciation.


42579 Heiligenhaus

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