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house for sale in Frechen, Germany

418 000€

50226 Frechen


    Property description

    Description of property: For 418,000€, you'll acquire a detached 1969-built single-family home with 112.28 m² of living space, including a basement, in Frechen, Germany. The home features a kitchen with a separate storage room, two bedrooms, a living and dining area, a bathroom, a guest toilet, and a hobby room. The house has a central oil-fired heating system providing heat and hot water. While an attic conversion could be a possibility, no formal permission or building plans have been presented at the time of this listing. Please contact the nearest regional court or the property registrar for more information on the auction process. As a buyer, the property's location is likely convenient for commuters, families, and local businesses in the area. With 3 bedrooms, the house is suitable for a small to medium-sized family. The basement has storage, so a cellar apartment, home office, or additional living space could potentially be developed. Financially, the property is estimated at 418,000€, but, depending on your negotiation skills and the current market conditions, you may secure a 30% discount on the lisPrice, bringing the price down to 292,600€. You can also avoid additional costs like notary fees and estate agent commissions. Currently, the property is being auctioned at the regional court, which may require some research or legal assistance to complete the transaction. If you are considering this property as a real estate investment, it could provide a reasonable return on investment given the relatively affordable price. However, it is crucial to study the neighborhood, property trends, and market value changes to determine the investment's longevity and potential profit. For those seeking a lifestyle purchase, the property offers a quiet and comfortable setting for raising a family or enjoying retirement. The key factors for consideration are the neighborhood, the proximity to amenities, and the potential for creating personalized living spaces. Ultimately, the individual invested in the property will determine its value as an investment or lifestyle purchase. I recommend contacting a financial advisor, real estate agent, or legal professional to guide you through the process and provide expert advice tailored to your needs.


    50226 Frechen

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