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house for sale in Flein, Germany

193 000€

74223 Flein


    Property description

    Property Description: This property represents a 19th-century, 2-story building with a ground floor and an attic, which offers a total living space of 72.80 square meters. It was originally built in 1834, and a brief inspection indicates that it needs various maintenance and modernization work. Moreover, the lot is entirely developed, and a legal access right through the internal courtyard of the adjacent property is available. As a real estate investment, the property might be considered balanced considering the age and potential renovation costs. However, as a lifestyle purchase, the buyer would be drawn in by its historical significance, potential charm, and the ability to shape the property into their ideal home. The current owner appears to have already thought about the lot's potential and has proposed some outdoor spaces that could be further developed and tailored to personal preferences. The property's location in 74223 Flein, might not initially seem attractive to everyone, but its proximity to other amenities and local attractions could be a pleasant surprise for those willing to explore the area. The property's value, placed at €193,000, puts it in the lower to mid-range property market segment, which could be suitable for those buyers looking to make a more affordable investment. With this property, potential buyers would benefit from catching a rare chance to purchase a piece of history at a relatively affordable price. This is a favorable situation for buyers who keep an open mind and visualize the appeal and potential of a property after some careful renovation work.


    74223 Flein

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