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house for sale in Bonn, Germany

390 000€

53229 Bonn


    Property description

    From a buyer's perspective, this property is located in Bonn, Germany. The property has a total living area of 97.28 m² with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and a kitchen. It also includes a garden, garage, and an entrance hall. The property is in need of some renovation, with several issues such as damaged facade, outdated electrical setup, and minor repairs required for the bathroom. The property is priced at 390,000 EUR, and the estimated market value seems to be less than the asking price, giving the buyer a potential negotiating advantage. For real estate investment, the property offers the possibility of a fix and flip, or a more substantial renovation project. However, the level of repairs required could potentially increase the total investment cost and the time frame for the project. If the buyer has the required skills and experience in renovations, this could be a good investment opportunity. As a lifestyle purchase, the property offers a living space with a garden and garage in an area of Bonn with potential rental income potential through short-term or long-term rentals. However, it's important to consider the renovation costs, potential rental income, and the overall lifestyle and amenities available in the area before making a decision. The property's potential is estimated to fall within the market value range, and the buyer can negotiate the price, potentially reducing the overall cost and making it more affordable.


    53229 Bonn

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