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house for sale in Amtsberg, Germany

157 100€

09439 Amtsberg


    Property description

    As a potential buyer, this property is located in Amtsberg, Germany, and has a listing price of 157,100 €. The house is a 2.5-story dwelling with a total living area of 127 m², including a terrace, and an additional 1-story outbuilding with a basement. There is also a double garage on the property. The house was constructed before 1900 and underwent renovation in 2011/2012. The property Description The property sits on a land area that requires access for the garage and shares non-enclosed utility lines with the neighboring property, No. 178/7. The purchase of the land or the legally binding agreement is crucial. Contact the real estate agency for more information. The phone number is 0221-97459790, and they are available from Monday to Friday, 08:00 to 20:00, and on weekends from 10:00 to 18:00. This property is being auctioned by the local Amtsgericht, and the asking price is 157,100 €, including a potential 30% discount on the market value. This would reduce the total cost to 109,970 €, including notary fees and commission. The agency offers information on a wide range of properties and provides a catalog with more details that you can order. You'll need to call the phone number provided to get this information. Real Estate Investment and Lifestyle Perspective The property offers a total living area of 139.3 m² (127 m² inside and 12.3 m² terrace), and has a land area of approximately 207 m². You can save approximately 30% on the market value if you decide to buy, making it an attractive option for the price. As an investment, the property offers a significant saving potential and a competitive pricing in the area. As a lifestyle purchase, the property is situated in a good location if you value a comfortable, well-maintained house in a historical setting. The presence of a double garage and additional outbuilding can also be a significant plus, providing storage options or even the potential for home office space. In summary, this property offers a potentially good investment opportunity and a comfortable lifestyle, all while being well-priced for the area.


    09439 Amtsberg

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