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house for rent in Minden, Germany

118 000€

32429 Minden


  • Keller

Property description

Objektbeschreibung Reihenendhaus, Baujahr: ca. 1966, Erbbaurecht liegt vor, 2 Etage(n), Dachgeschoß ausgebaut, Wohnfläche: 128m², Keller/vollunterkellert, keine Innenbesichtigung, zum Zeitpunkt der Wertermittlung eigengenutzt

Property summary

As a potential buyer, this property located at 32429 Minden in Germany, presents a unique opportunity for a sustainable real estate investment and lifestyle purchase. The description suggests that the property is a semi-detached house (2-family home) with 2 levels, featuring a fully basement with additional living space, which translates to approximately 140 m² of living area in total. The estimated property price of 118.000 € appears to be a reasonable value for the area, considering the size and potential benefits of this property. From an investment perspective, this property can provide a good return, taking into account the versatility of the layout, the potential for renovation or expansion (e.g., converting the attic or basement), and the desirable location in Minden. As a lifestyle purchase, this property presents a comfortable and spacious living environment for a small family or individuals who value privacy and relaxed living. Additionally, Minden is known for its picturesque landscapes, rich history, and recreational opportunities, which can enhance the overall quality of life for the residents. In conclusion, this property has the potential to be an excellent investment and lifestyle purchase. However, it is essential to conduct a thorough inspection and analysis of the property's condition, market trends, and local real estate prices before making a final decision.


32429 Minden

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