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house for rent in Mettmann, Germany

266 400€

40822 Mettmann


  • Garage/Stellplätze 3

Property description

Objektbeschreibung Doppelhaushälfte, Baujahr: ca. 1968, Erbbaurecht liegt vor, Wohnfläche: 114m², 3 Garagen, keine Innenbesichtigung; es wird 1/2 Miteigentumsanteil versteigert

Property summary

Based on the provided property description, it is a semi-detached house with an estimated construction year of 1968. The property has an approximate living area of 114 m², and it comes with 3 garages. Unfortunately, no interior inspection is permitted. As a real estate investment, it is challenging to assess the property's potential without viewing it in person, but based on the limited information provided and the general state of the real estate market, it seems like it may have potential for investment with the shared ownership (Miteigentumsanteil) selling at 266,400€. However, for a lifestyle purchase, it is more challenging to assess as it's essential to evaluate the property's condition upon inspection, and it is uncertain whether it meets the buyer's personal preferences and needs.


40822 Mettmann

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