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house for rent in Mettmann, Germany

266 400€

40822 Mettmann


  • Garage/Stellplätze 3

Property description

Objektbeschreibung Doppelhaushälfte, Baujahr: ca. 1968, Erbbaurecht liegt vor, Wohnfläche: 114m², 3 Garagen, keine Innenbesichtigung; es wird 1/2 Miteigentumsanteil versteigert

Property summary

Based on the given property description, the following is an analysis of the property for a real estate investment and lifestyle purchase perspective: Property Description: Duplex House, Built: circa 1968, Erbbaurecht (inheritance right) exists, Living Space: 114m², 3 Garages, No Internal Inspection, 1/2 Shared Ownership is being auctioned. Real Estate Investment Perspective: 1. Location: Mettmann is a popular and relatively affordable area close to Cologne. This could be an attractive investment opportunity for those seeking to take advantage of the potential appreciation in property values due to its proximity to a major city. 2. Property Condition: With an estimated construction year of 1968, the property may require some renovation or modernization to bring it up to date, which could be a disadvantage for some investors. 3. Shared Ownership: The fact that the property is being sold as a 1/2 shared ownership may make it less attractive for investors, as it complicates the ownership structure and could potentially lead to disputes. 4. Parking: The availability of three garages is a considerable advantage, as it provides ample parking and storage space, increasing the property's appeal for potential buyers. Lifestyle Purchase Perspective: 1. Property Size: The living space of 114m² provides ample space for a small family or couple. This Silverstoneer spatial extent may be ideal for those seeking a comfortable and functional home without the need for excessive square footage. 2. Location: The proximity to Mettmann and its amenities provides a convenient lifestyle option. The close proximity to Cologne offers access to cultural and recreational activities, while still providing a sense of community. 3. Resale Potential: The shared ownership aspect may make it more challenging to sell your share in the future, and the need for potential renovations may impact the property's overall appeal and resale value. In summary, this property offers a mix of potential advantages and disadvantages. Its location is attractive, but the shared ownership and potentially outdated condition may limit its appeal as a real estate investment. For lifestyle purposes, it presents a comfortable living space in a convenient location, though the shared ownership aspect may complicate matters for some buyers.


40822 Mettmann

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