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house in Charente-Maritime (17), France

29 000€


  • Countryside View
  • Garden(s)
  • Land
  • Planning Permission

Property description

Welcome! I'd be happy to provide an analysis of this property in St Martin De Coux, France. This vacant land, listed for €29,000, offers a fantastic opportunity for an area of 1550 square meters to build your dream home. From a real estate investment perspective, this property can be considered a great value, as it provides the potential for substantial returns on investment once the desired building is completed and sold. As a lifestyle purchase, the beauty and serenity of the location combined with the large land area make it an ideal choice for those seeking privacy and tranquility. First and foremost, the property's favorable price may indicate the developer's or owner's motivation to sell their land quickly. This could be due to a number of factors, such as the need to finance other projects or a personal deadline for selling the property. As a result, savvy investors looking for a bargain can take advantage of this opportunity and potentially greatly appreciate the property as the local real estate market evolves. As for development, the property consists of 1550 square meters of land, which is generous enough for a medium-sized residential project. You could build a lavish private home, taking advantage of the peaceful surroundings and the potential for long-term capital gains. Alternatively, you could also explore the option of renting out the property or developing it into smaller plots for potential buyers looking for that perfect space to build their ideal home. From a lifestyle perspective, the quiet location at St Martin De Coux offers an serene, picturesque setting develop your dream property. The proximity to natural beauty and the opportunity to create your own private sanctuary are just a few of the many advantages of this property. Whether Atlantis or St


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