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house in Charente-Maritime (17), France

632 800€



  • Terrace(s) / Patio(s)

Property description

Based on the provided property description, this commercial property in La Rochelle, France, offers approximately 91 m2 of space with 3 rooms, a terrace, and various amenities such as double glazing, a fireplace, and air conditioning. The property is in excellent condition and features a parking lot, which could be attractive to potential buyers. From a real estate investment perspective, the property's location in La Rochelle, a popular tourist destination, could potentially generate steady income from short-term rentals or long-term tenants. The price of €632,800 seems reasonable for the area, and the property's condition and amenities make it an attractive investment opportunity. However, it is essential to conduct thorough market research and financial analysis to determine the property's potential return on investment and to compare it with other similar properties in the area. As a lifestyle purchase, this property could provide a comfortable and well-equipped space for living, working, or running a business in the heart of La Rochelle. The terrace and amenities such as the fireplace and air conditioning could make the property appealing to buyers who value comfort and modern conveniences. However, it is essential to consider factors such as the property's maintenance costs, the local real estate market, and the overall lifestyle you are aiming to achieve before making a decision.


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