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house for sale in Lot (46), France

55 000€

frayssinet le gelat


  • Countryside View
  • Garden(s)
  • Outbuilding(s)
  • Renovation Project

Property description

Property Description Single-storey barn to renovate on 800 m2 of land. It offers a surface area of approximately 78.5 m2 divided into two parts (58 m2 on the ground and 21 m2 on the ground)Possibility of creating approximately 40 m2 of additional surface area upstairsEarth floor and electrical connection.Without sanitation or water.Fiber eligibilityPossibility to buy an additional 2000 m2 of land

Property summary

Based on the given property description, here's an analysis of the property from a buyer's perspective, considering both real estate investment and lifestyle considerations: 1. Property location: The property is located at Frayssinet-le-Gelat, which is a popular and sought-after location. Its proximity to amenities, recreational activities, and public transportation may appeal to potential buyers. 2. Single-storey barn to renovate: The property will require substantial renovation work, but this also presents an opportunity for potential buyers to design and customize the space according to their preferences. As a lifestyle purchase, this property offers the potential for customers to create their dream home in the charming location. 3. Land size: The property offers 800 m2 of land, which is a significant advantage for potential buyers. This amount of land could be used for various purposes, such as establishing a garden, creating additional outdoor living spaces, or even constructing additional outbuildings in the future. As a real estate investment, land is often a valuable asset with potential for appreciation in value. 4. Space potential: The property offers a total of 78.5 m2 of space with the potential for an additional 40 m2 of additional surface area upstairs. This extra space can be converted into additional living quarters, making it suitable for growing families or those looking for extra entertainment or workspace. 5. Composition and condition: The earth floor and electrical connection indicate that the property may already have some basic infrastructure in place. However, considering that there's no sanitation or water, potential buyers should be ready for the cost and commitment of installing those necessary amenities. 6. Additional land: The opportunity to purchase an additional 2000 m2 of land opens up even more possibilities for potential buyers. This additional land could be used for a variety of purposes, such as expanding the living space, creating a garden or outdoor recreational area, or even building additional rental properties to generate a secondary income. 7. Eligibility for fiber: The property is eligible for fiber internet, which is a valuable attraction in today's connected world, as it means reliable high-speed internet connectivity. Considering these aspects, the property can be an excellent investment opportunity as it offers potential for value appreciation in both the real estate market and for the buyer in terms of customization and lifestyle enrichment. However, it's essential to conduct a thorough due diligence, including a proper inspection of the property and its surroundings, to ensure that the renovation costs and any potential aims are within your budget and expectations.


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