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7 bedrooms house in Lot (46), France

655 000€



  • Garden(s)
  • Gîte(s) / Annexe(s)
  • Land
  • Parking
  • Stone
  • Swimming Pool
  • Terrace(s) / Patio(s)

Property description

**Property Overview** * Location: Valroufie, France* *Type: Mansion* *Size: 330 m²* * Land: 27 hectares* * Bedrooms: 4* * Bathrooms: 2* * Balconies: 1* * Laundry: 1* * Absenter: 1 (92 m²)* * Garage: 0* *(Pricing is per square meter: €1,957)* * Taxes: Estimated €15,000* * Annual Maintenance: Estimated €10,000* **Opportunities** (1) Unique blend of tradition and modern comfort in beautifully restored architecture with presence of exposed beams, wooden floors and stone walls featuring high ceilings. (2) Large property sizes with plenty of open spaces including living area, kitchen, dining area and four beds with two bathrooms & separate dressing room. (3) Massive garden and land offering scope for expansion incorporating pool, sports facilities, animal enclosure etc., increasing overall value. (4) Separate guest house/studio apartment with private living area of 90 m² offering potential income generation through short-term rentals or hosting relatives. (5) Truffle farm! A rare opportunity to own one on such property! (6) Potential to further develop attic space for additional residential units. (7) Low lying area near Cahors making it ideal location for potential investors seeking serenity and proximity to cit (8) Ample parking space available for guests. (9) Well maintained infrastructure adding to overall charm and practically. (10) Great potential for long-term capital appreciation due to its rarity and uniqueness. (11) Possibility in using barn for events or work (12) Near proximity to the city for potential vacation rentals. (13) Solar panels installed for utilities saving. **Challenges/Considerations** (1. This is a rural property requiring a certain level of self-sufficiency. (2) Maintenance expenses might be higher. (3) Limited architectural alterations allowed due to heritage listing. (4) Truffle harvest depends on these universe. (5) Possible restriction on construction or resource usage based on local laws and residents. (6) May require renovations on guesthouse (as the photos suggest). (7) Local zoning regulations must be reviewed for permissible uses (e.g., vacation rentals, business, etc.). (8) Seasonal weather changes might affect property condition (9) Limited public transportation available. (10) Distance to city centers. **Recommended Investor Strategy** - Long-term investment (minimum 10+ years) based on property's uniqueness and potential for growth. - Diversify income streams through short-term vacation rentals, gite (truffle farm), and farm-to-table tourism. - Utilize existing barn for events or business activities focusing on local experiences and products. - Consider converting the truffle farm into a gite for exclusive client accommodation. - Implement fossil energy-efficient solutions for both residential and agricultural uses. - Create organic gardens for self-sufficiency and potentially generate revenue through farm-to-table products and workshops. - Explore opportunities for agritourism, including hosting workshops and camping activities in the expansive land. - Invest in marketing strategies to showcase property's unique selling points for vacation rentals and events. - Ensure compliance with all local zoning and regulations for various uses. **Lifestyle Analysis** (1) Pros: - Unique living experience with truffle farm & expansive land for activities. - Potential for self-sufficiency with own farm & forest - Large living spaces for entertaining exclusive events (2) Cons: - Remote location may not be suitable for everyone - High maintenance due to size and age of property - Seasonal weather can impact lifestyle (3) Score: 7/10 **Overall Assessment** This property offers an ideal blend of naturel beauty, exclusivity, and potential for various income streams through investments in short-term rentals and farm-to-table experiences. However, it also requires a significant amount of time and resources for maintenance. It is best suited for individuals with a strong appreciation for the outdoors and who can tolerate isolation from urban life. With proper management and marketing, the property can achieve high profitability and become a beloved retreat for many.


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