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5 bedrooms house in Lot (46), France

650 000€



    Property description

    From a buyer's perspective, this property offers numerous advantages for both real estate investment and lifestyle purchase. It has a great location, excellent exposure, and offers stunning views. The property is spacious, well-renovated, and energy-efficient, making it comfortable and convenient for everyday living. The large plot of land provides ample space for outdoor activities and recreation, with a swimming pool, vegetable garden, and greenhouse. Moreover, its proximity to Figeac, Saint Cere, and Lacapelle-Marival offers easy access to local amenities and attractions. For real estate investment, the property's unique characteristics, size, and desirable location make it an attractive proposition. The quality of the renovation, modern amenities, and energy-efficient features will appeal to potential buyers, especially those seeking high-quality homes in the area. Additionally, the large land size and multiple outbuildings offer additional income potential through vacation rentals or agricultural activities. However, it's important to consider that the asking price of €650,000 might be higher than similar properties in the area, which could potentially deter some buyers or make the property more difficult to sell in the future. Also, potential buyers should consider the maintenance costs and potential repairs that may arise due to the age and size of the property. Nonetheless, the property's many advantages and desirable location make it a compelling investment opportunity.


    Date added: 24.07.2024

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