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4 bedrooms house in Drome (26), France

435 000€

mollans sur ouveze


  • Air Conditioning
  • Terrace(s) / Patio(s)

Property description

From a buyer's perspective, this property located in Mollans sur Ouvèze offers a great opportunity for both real estate investment and lifestyle purchase. The property seems to be well-maintained and features spacious living areas, multiple terraces, and open views of the hills, creating an attractive atmosphere for potential buyers. The location near Buis les Baronnies and the Drôme region provides a sense of tranquility and picturesque surroundings. As an investment, this property seems like a good option due to its size, location, and potential for rental income. Investors could consider renting out the property or using it as a short-term vacation rental, as the area's popularity among tourists and the property's amenities could attract renters. Furthermore, the area's growth potential, along with the recent renovations, might increase the property's value over time, leading to profitable returns on investment. From a lifestyle perspective, this property is ideal for those seeking a cozy and comfortable home in a beautiful village setting. The spacious living room, well-equipped kitchen, and multiple bedrooms offer a comfortable living space for individuals or families. The property's amenities, such as air conditioning, floor heating, and multiple terraces, ensure a high level of comfort and enjoyment. Further, the property's proximity to attractions like Buis les Baronnies and the Drôme region provides easy access to recreational activities, restaurants, and local events. In conclusion, this property in Mollans sur Ouvèze presents an exciting opportunity for buyers seeking both a well-maintained home and a potentially profitable investment. Its attractiveoverallappeal, coupled with itsidylliclocationandamenities,makesit an appealing choice for individuals and families alike.


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