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4 bedrooms house for sale in Alpes-Maritimes (06), France

480 000€


  • Garden(s)
  • Swimming Pool
  • Terrace(s) / Patio(s)

Property description

From a buyer's perspective, this property in Blausasc, nestled in the heart of a housing estate, presents an exciting opportunity for both real estate investment and lifestyle purchase. This charming detached house offers a unique blend of open-plan living spaces, privacy, and breathtaking views of the valley. Firstly, considering it as a real estate investment, the property's location in a sought-after area and its charming design suggest high potential for capital appreciation over time. The property's price of €480,000 appears to be competitively priced, considering the size and quality of the property, as well as the local demand and market conditions. Moreover, the fact that the property is detached, with 3 parking spaces, 2 boxes, and a space in front of the entrance, provides ample privacy and the convenience of onsite parking. Secondly, as a lifestyle purchase, the property's charm and large terraces offer the perfect setting for entertaining, relaxation, and enjoying the stunning views of the valley. The well-organized outdoor spaces, including an above-ground swimming pool, are ideal for the year-round enjoyment of the gorgeous landscapes. Furthermore, the proximity to the housing estate's amenities ensures easy access to essential services, while the town of Blausasc offers additional leisure and cultural opportunities. The price of the property, given the amenities and location, could be seen as a fantastic value for those seeking to invest in a comfortable lifestyle and enjoy themediterraneanculture. Overall, the property presents a compelling opportunity for both real estate invests and those looking to find buyer a perfect blend of home and away. To further help you in making a wise investment decision, I advise you to consider investing in a professional real estate valuation analysis, which will provide a more in-depth understanding of the property's value in the local market and address any potential risks or considerations.


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