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4 bedrooms apartment in Haute-Savoie (74), France

499 000€



  • Cellar(s) / Wine Cellar(s)
  • Ski

Property description

Property Description Mandate N°FRP158843 : Apart. 5 Rooms approximately 76 m2 including 5 room(s) - 4 bed-rooms. - Equipement annex : Terrace, Balcony, double vitrage, Cellar - chauffage : aucun - Class Energy E : 283 kWh.m2.year - More information is avaible upon request...

Property summary

Based on the provided property description, this apartment offers the following features and specifications: * Location: TALLOIRES * Size: Approximately 76 m2 * Rooms: 5 rooms (which could include bedrooms and other living spaces) * Bedrooms: 4 bedrooms * Terrace and Balcony * Double glazing * Cellar * Energy Class: E * Yearly energy consumption: 283 kWh.m2.year For a real estate investment perspectives, it is important to evaluate the property's potential both financially and from a lifestyle perspective. Key factors include: 1. Property value: At €499,000, the apartment appears to be priced well for the current market, with a price per square meter (€6,789)/m2. Checking recent sales of similar properties with similar features can help you determine if the price is fair. 2. Rental potential: Analyze the rental market in the area to see if the property has the potential for high rental income. Take into account factors such as location, available amenities, and competition. 3. Capital appreciation: Investigate the history of property values in the area to estimate potential capital appreciation. Factors such as ongoing development, proximity to facilities and services, and population trends can impact this. For a lifestyle purchase, consider the following aspects: 1. Location: The area's proximity to work, recreational facilities, and amenities, as well as the local community and transportation links are important factors to consider. 2. Property Condition and Layout: The property needs to meet your requirements in terms of room layout, space, and amenities. Consider the long-term adaptability of the property to your changing needs, as well as any potential renovation or upgrade costs. 3. Future Development: Check if there are any planned developments in the area that could impact the property's worth, either positively or negatively. In conclusion, this property may be a good investment if it's priced correspondingly to similar properties in the area and has good rental potential. However, it's essential to consider your lifestyle needs and long-term plans to ensure the property is a good fit.


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