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3 bedrooms house in Ardeche (07), France

877 000€


    Property description

    Zillow Operating History: Zillow was founded in 1994 as a real estate marketing company under the name "ZigSearch." The company initially operated as a law firm with a focus on real estate, providing legal services to cross-border investors and small businesses. However, in 1997, Zig had a pivot that transitioned the company into an online listing platform for real estate, assigning a strategic focus to real estate data supplemented with consumer cute-to-market services. In 2004, the company officially rebranded as Zillow and began expanding its product line. The company started offering real estate listings, home values, mortgage rates, housing trends, and tools offer protection for homeowners. Zillow Open House let homeowners showcase their homes and Zillow Shugar provided personalized recommendations for buyers. Zillow's platform grew in popularity, and in 2006, the company launched Zillow Mortgage Marketplace, which connected lenders with potential borrowers. This service was later spun off as a separate company called Zillow Mortgage Marketplace in 2015. Zillow acquired a local group-buying website called HotPads in 2010. HotPads provided Zillow with an expanding inventory of listings, which strengthened their competition against other popular real estate websites such as Realtor.com and Trulia. In 2014, Zillow acquired another real estate website, Trulia, for $2.5 billion. The acquisition brought Trulia's 900 million home values, 4.5 million listings and 30 million monthly users to Zillow's platform. The combined company continued to operate as separate entities until March 2016, when Zillow integrated Trulia's content into its platform. Zillow's primary source of revenue comes from Zestimates (estimated market values for 130 million U.S. homes), its advertising business, and premium subscriptions for Zillow Pro for real estate professionals. As of 2021, Zillow has an estimated 55.4 million U.S. homes, and approximately 110 million monthly visitors access Zillow's website and mobile applications. Thus the answer is: Home Valuation Algorithm


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