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3 bedrooms house for sale in Aveyron (12), France

139 000€



  • Outbuilding(s)
  • Renovated / Restored
  • Stone

Property description

This property, located at LEDERGUES, offers a unique combination of charm, comfort, and potential for both real estate investment and a fulfilling lifestyle purchase. As a buyer, you can expect a well-maintained, fully renovated house with numerous room options, making it an excellent choice for immediate habitation or rental income. Real Estate Investment: From an investment perspective, the property's location in a peaceful hamlet provides a desirable and serene atmosphere for potential tenants, while being close to all amenities and services. The passing demand from locals and visitors is likely to attract long-term, seasonal, or short-term rental inquiries, offering the potential for steady rental income. The inclusion of a detached stone barn or workshop, which is included in the PLU of the municipality and authorized for transformation into dwelling housing, further enhances the property's investment potential. Lifestyle Purchase: For individuals seeking to enjoy the comfort and charm of a well-renovated property, this house offers a spacious and well-thought-out interior layout, with a management focus on creating a cozy atmosphere for daily living. The property's proximity to local amenities and services ensures a convenient daily lifestyle, while the optional seasonal or long-term rentals provide the potential for additional income. Overall, this property seems to offer a fantastic opportunity for a hassle-free real estate investment and a fulfilling lifestyle purchase. With its distinctive charm, close-to-home conveniences, and potential for rental income, the property is likely to attract a high level of interest and competition in the market. Ultimately, the decision to purchase will depend on your individual needs, resources, and investment goals.


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