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3 bedrooms house for sale in Agde (Cap dAgde), France

985 000

Agde (Cap dAgde)


  • Caractéristiques principales 155 m² de surface habitable 3 chambres N/C Terrasse Cuisine américaine équipée 50 m² de terrain 1 salle de bain DPEC (111) 1 place de parking 4 pièces 1 salle d'eau GESA (3) 1 parking (box)

Property description

Property Description: For a potential buyer, this property in Agde (Cap d'Agde) presents an attractive investment opportunity and an enviable lifestyle purchase. The 4-bedroom villa, spanning approximately 154.55 m², is situated on a private island and boasts numerous luxury features. The property includes a vast garden with a spa, a garage, and access to a pier for a 13m boat. Outstanding features such as electric roller shutters, reverse air conditioning, and high-quality aluminum double-glazed windows further enhance the property's appeal. The property is located in the heart of Cap d'Agde's marina, just a short distance from shops, commercial areas, and entertainment venues. Moreover, the island offers accessible walking and cycling paths, and vehicle access is available through the underground passage, which leads to garages and parking spaces. Real Estate Investment Aspect: From an investment perspective, the property offers several advantages. Its prime location in the heart of Cap d'Agde's marina, combined with its luxurious amenities, makes it an attractive proposition for both short-term rentals and long-term leases. The area's thriving tourism industry and the potential for boat-based leisure activities further contribute to the property's investment appeal. Moreover, the addition of a pier that can accommodate a 13m boat creates opportunities for generating additional income from water-related activities. However, it is essential to consider that the local real estate market is competitive, and the asking price of 985,000 euros is relatively high. Hence, a thorough market analysis and financial projections should be conducted to evaluate the return on investment and the potential for capital appreciation in the coming years. Lifestyle Purchase Aspect: From a lifestyle perspective, the property provides a unique opportunity to enjoy the seaside lifestyle and the benefits of being part of an exclusive island community. The area is renowned for its sandy beaches, vibrant nightlife, and diverse recreational activities. The property's design, which includes a vast garden with a spa, a well-equipped kitchen, and access to a marina, caters to the needs of families or individuals seeking a luxury living environment. In conclusion, this property presents a compelling investment opportunity and a desirable lifestyle purchase. Its prime location, luxurious amenities, and potential for additional income generation make it an attractive choice for those contemplating a purchase in the highly sought-after Cap d'Agde area. However, careful market analysis and financial planning are essential to ensure a sound investment decision.


Agde (Cap dAgde)

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