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2 bedrooms apartment in Pyrenees-Atlantiques (64), France

175 000€



    Property description

    Hello! I have the details of the property you described. It has a reference number 4469 and is located in PAU. From a buyer's perspective, this property offers a great investment opportunity and a desirable lifestyle at the same time. For real estate investment, the price of €175,000 is quite reasonable and affordable, especially for those looking for an investment with potential growth and good returns. The location in PAU suggests it might be in a good neighborhood, maybe near shopping centers, schools, or other amenities, which can attract more potential buyers or renters if you decide to invest in it. Moreover, PAU might have a growing market, which may increase the value of the property over time. As for the lifestyle, having a property in PAU can offer you the convenience of living in a well-established neighborhood, with easy accessibility to different amenities and multiple transportation options. However, as with any property, it is essential to conduct thorough due diligence to ensure it is a sound investment. Make sure to gather more information about the neighborhood, check local market trends, and consider potential risk factors, such as future development plans that might affect the property value. In summary, this property has great potential as a real estate investment and would be an excellent choice for those seeking a lifestyle purchase in PAU. It is a great combination of an affordable price and a desirable location that will most likely provide good returns on investment.


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