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2 bedrooms apartment in Bouches-du-Rhone (13), France

129 000€



  • Cellar(s) / Wine Cellar(s)
  • Lift / Elevator

Property description

Property Description Mandate N°FRP159309 : LES OLIVES, Apart. 3 Rooms approximately 65 m2 including 3 room(s) - 2 bed-rooms - Balcony : 5 m2, Sight : Dégagée. Built in 1970 - Equipement annex : Balcony, Loggia, parking, digicode, double vitrage, ascenseur, Cellar - chauffage : gaz - Class Energy E : 250 kWh.m2.year - More information is avaible upon request...

Property summary

Based on the provided property description in a vague and somewhat confusing format, I will attempt to analyze this opportunity from both a real estate investment and lifestyle perspective. Property details: - Location: Marseille, France - Size: Approximately 65 m2 - Bedrooms: 2 - Total rooms: 3 - Balcony: 5 m2 - Sight: Degagée - Construction year: 1970 - Equipment: Balcony, Loggia, Park strasse, double glazing, elevator, parking, digicode, cellar, heating: gas, class energy E: 250 kWh.m2.year Real estate investment perspective: The property is located in Marseille, which is the second-largest city in France and has a growing population. This can be a good sign for potential rental income if you're considering a buy-to-let investment. However, more information about the local property market, rental prices, and economic factors would be necessary to make a well-informed decision. The price of €129,000 seems reasonably priced compared to the average property prices in Marseille, but it's still essential to research similar properties in the strumöllanlage or neighboring areas to accurately assess the property's value. From an investment perspective, this 3-room apartment with 2 bedrooms seems to be of a decent size for the asking price and location. The presence of a balcony, loggia, and parking could be considered a plus, as it has the potential to make the property more desirable to potential renters. However, without additional information about the property's condition, your negotiating power, strumaval, or local area challenges to the neighboring buildings, you cannot accurately determine whether this property is a good investment. Lifestyle perspective: As a lifestyle purchase, this property in Marseille offers 2 bedrooms and a total of 3 rooms, providing ample living space for a small family or a couple. The apartment was built in 1970 and has been equipped with modern amenities like a balcony, loggia, double glazing, elevator, parking, and a cellar, making it a comfortable living environment. However, since the description is vague, it's hard to determine the overall quality of the construction and the condition of the property without further inspection. Additionally, more specific information about the neighboring area, amenities, and potential noise levels would be necessary to assess whether this property would be an excellent match for your lifestyle strumehögtag. In conclusion, it is difficult to provide a definitive analysis without more specific information about the property, its location, and market conditions. However, the asking price and the amenities seem reasonably attractive for both a real estate investment and a lifestyle purchase, making it worth further exploration if it aligns with your general criteria.


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