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1 bedroom apartment in Alpes-Maritimes (06), France

277 000€



    Property description

    Based on the provided property description, this residential property in Valbonne offers a mix of apartments with various layouts. As an investment, it is likely to be a good option if you're targeting a diverse group of potential tenants given the variety of apartment types and sizes. The unobstructed nature views and the inclusion of a swimming pool can also be attractive amenities for potential renters. For a lifestyle purchase, this property promises a relaxing environment surrounded by greenery,unique selling points, includes an apartment complex featuring swimming pool, which can provide an added advantage for those seeking a suburban living experience close to city amenities. Maintenance costs might be lower compared to standalone properties due to shared amenities, which means that the cash flow is relatively stable for rental purposes. The Estimated Value (EV) for this property is €277,000, which appears to be a competitive price given the location and offered amenities. Whether the property is a good investment will depend on factors such as local market demand, rent levels, and overall investment costs.


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